REPOWERING Solutions help you to grow your business with best-in-class retrofit wind turbines. We define new classes of wind turbines more economical. We can stand alongside you every step of the way – from sketching out the big picture to tightening the very last bolt

Our goal is working with retroffting turbines where we can provide a competitive solution. Those turbines sometimes are not older than 5 or 10 years and the technology is reliable and compliant with all legislation. As reconditioned we can provide full warranty and the cost usually drops to a half or less than new turbines. This advantage makes a cash flow turn to positive faster and healthier than using new turbines so we are now receiving many request for developing wind projects.

Repowering Solutions is a division of Jeraneas Group of companies. Our core business is the remanufacturing of wind turbines of different sizes; a work that we have been doing with good success for the past years. We have several references in Europe and Latin America. As an example, we have been the first installation approved by Enel in Italy, using remanufactured turbines (a Nordtank 300 remanufactured to 200kw). Our final product has the same lifespan than a new turbine, comes with 2 years of guarantee but also enjoys a much lower investment need. (www.repoweringsolutions.com)

We currently have different solutions for different projects specially in the range where you work: 60 to 250kw. As a matter of fact, we sold 6 units of remanufactured 200kw turbine last year for the Italian, Spain, Nicaragua and UK market

We can adapt our scope to the different projects, from being a simple supplier of turbines, to a full EPC contractor. This flexibility will be very positive when collaborating with your company, since we can create good synergies.



Certified Solutions
Working closely together with the certification bodies in measuring and inspecting the turbine during the project, the retrofit are fully certified.

Outstanding Results
After the retrofit by Repowering Solutions, the turbine is now one of best performers on site. The owner has total overview of production, service and the state of components over the Internet.

Retrofitting a Nordtank Turbine Family
A Retrofit solution from Repowering Solutions meant that a before troublesome turbine is now the site’s top-performer.

Case Story
By choosing Repowering Solutions Retrofit Solution the turbine now produces more power, more efficiently and with greater control. The owner has regained control and is assured support, spare parts and most importantly he has secured his financial stability in the future.

Control and Software System
We replace the original Cotas control system with an up-to-date system that provides extensive processing power, full access to all operational data, easy service and complete remote control.
Special application software for this family of turbines has been developed, ensuring maximum performance for each typ

The complete control system was changed including:

› Main Controls
› Grid Connection System
› Control Software
› Condition Monitoring
› Gateway SCADA System

In areas with strict grid codes or many grid drops, the existing grid connection system can be upgraded with our LVRT solution that provides Low Voltage Ride Through and grid code compliance.

Condition Monitoring
This family of turbines are equipped with gear boxes from various manufacturers e.g. Hansen, Jake, Winergy or Valmet These can cause stops or even breakdowns due to wear and tear over the years.

By installing our condition monitoring system, existing faults and emerging faults can be identified in time. Together with surveillance of components like contactors and actuators, unplanned service can be dramatically reduced, increasing the availability of the turbine.

SCADA System and Data Availability
With the new control system on board, all operational data from the turbine is now available to the owner of the wind turbine. The turbine can easily be accessed and monitored through our Gateway SCADA system or be integrated into another supervision system without any limitations

We Can Help You Too

Wind Turbine technologies have evolved tremendously and the possibilities for retrofitting older turbines is now both financially, and in terms of service, more attractive than ever. We offer a comprehensive and cost-effective concept for retrofitting all types of wind turbines.

Our Retrofit Solution helps you upgrade the Control and Electrical Systems in your wind turbine to new, improved systems that are up-to-date with local and market requirements.


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