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Remanufacturing of wind turbines

Repowering Solutions is a division of Jeraneas Group of companies.  Our core business is the remanufacturing of wind turbines of different sizes; a work that we have been doing with good success for the past years.  We have several references in Europe and Latin America.  As an example, we have been the first installation approved by Enel in Italy, using remanufactured turbines (a Nordtank 300 derated to 200kw).  Our final product has the same lifespan than a new turbine, comes with 2-5 years of guarantee but also enjoys a much lower investment need.


We currently have different solutions for different projects specially in the range where you work: 60 to 2000kw.  As a matter of fact, we sold 10 units of remanufactured wind turbine last year for the Italian, Spain, Nicaragua and UK market


We can adapt our scope to the different projects, from being a simple supplier of turbines, to a full EPC contractor.  This flexibility will be very positive when collaborating with your company, since we can create good synergies.

Reconditioned Turbines | Remanufactured Wind Turbines

We conducted an overhaul of the nacelle, blades and towers, is a comprehensive review of all parts of the nacelle, replacing filters, oil seals, replacement of damaged machinery, painting in nacelle, tower, blades, fiberglass work glass blades.

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A new life for wind turbines

After ten years of operation, wind turbines typically need refurbishment. REPOWERING SOLUTIONS employs technical experts will determine the scope of works needed to be executed and provide warrantees for refurbished parts. As a result, your wind equipment meets or even exceeds original specifications. The benefits of Blue Planet Wind refurbishment are significant and immediate:

■Return on investment is often almost double
■Payback time is often almost half
■Turbine lifetime of up to 10 to 20 years
■Quick delivery time with refurbishment taking as little as 2 months
■Complete inspection and testing of the performance, as well as warrantees for refurbished parts
■Possibility of customized refurbishment, including the reduction of output to meet local regulations, change of generator windings, gear size and software adjustment to accommodate for 50 Hz to 60 Hz grid

During refurbishment, the main components of the turbines are disassembled, inspected, cleaned, reconditioned or replaced. The refurbishment process typically covers:
■Hydraulic system
■Any required tailored retrofit

REPOWERING SOLUTIONS gives to its customers a choice to refurbish the wind turbine completely or certain parts. The desicion is made on a basis of a technical inspection report, which shows a real condition of the equipment and its parts.

After the refurbishment , the customer receives minimum 2 year of warranty on refurbished parts.

Thinking about customers’ costs saving, REPOWERING SOLUTIONS operates several work-shops in Europe for execution of the refurbishment process. The wind turbines are transported to the closest work-shop from the dismantling location.


All components are removed for cleaning and inspection.
Any component not meeting OEM manufacturer specifications is repaired or replaced.
The nacelle frame is inspected for cracks and overall structural integrity. Any deficiencies are repaired and tested.
The machine base and frame are stripped of all paint, cleaned of dirt and lubricant, and repainted.
All critical rotating components (cylinders, rollers, etc.) are inspected for run-out. Any component not meeting OEM manufacturer specifications are repaired or replaced.
All bearings (roller or plain) are repaired or replaced with new.
All belting is repaired or replaced with new.
All rubber hydraulic lines are repaired or replaced with new.
All polymer couplings are repaired or replaced with new.
All hardware is repaired or replaced with new.
All gear boxes are cleaned, inspected, and new seals installed. Gears are inspected and repaired or replaced if needed.
All generators are cleaned, inspected, and 100% rewound.
Brake calipers are rebuilt, including new brake rotor and brake pads.
Bull (Yaw) gear is repaired or replaced with new having a wider face than the OEM gearing.
Pinion gear is repaired or replaced with new having a wider face than the OEM gearing.
All Oil on wear blocks are replaced with new.
All blades are inspected for defects, including wear, cracks, and blemishes. Deficiencies are repaired and the surface profiles returned to OEM manufacturer specifications.
All blades are protected with a new covering of gel coat.
All blades are weighed, balanced, and matched.
Blade over-speed mechanisms are inspected. Any component not meeting OEM manufacturer specifications are repaired or replaced.
All electrical wiring and components are new and upgraded above and beyond original manufacturer specifications.
The main control system is repaired or replaced for new.
Wind vane and anemometer are repaired or replaced with new.

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