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Repowering Solutions is a supplier of wind turbines second hand, new and refurbished.

Our goal is to maintain relationships with manufacturers, owners and developers of wind farms.

Repowering Solutions

REPOWERING is a company engaged in providing equipment and services for the renewable energy sector, especially wind and solar power. We work in the engineering industry which targets the renewable energy sector. REPOWERING was created with a firm foundation of professionals with extensive experience in the wind power sector, engineering and quality control.

We specialize in providing assembly, maintenance and operations services for wind farms. REPOWERING is the product of a philosophy of providing high quality and performance service.

REPOWERING SOLUTIONS, It was founded with the objetive of participating in the development of a technology sector for sustainable energy, a market with a huge economic potential, particularly exploiting a new solutions in the field of energy wind (eolic).
REPOWERING SOLUTIONS Offers a number of services grouped into three different
business lines:
1 .- The supply of wind energy plants, covering both the sale and / or distribution of new wind turbines as the activities of repowering.
2 .- The logistic activity in the renewal of the wind turbines in wind parks in operation: Management and planning supports and necessary methods to carry out the services of production, purchase, transport, storage, handling and distribution, scrapping and recycling who constitute the market for wind  technology.
3 .- The development of the activity of Energy Management, building solar parks, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal installations.
So, in a context dominated by the technological pushing and the potential expansion of the market for renewable energy, REPOWERING SOLUTIONS borns with the following ideas:

(I) take effective solutions in response to the demands of a constantly changing economic environment and development, where the wind energy has increased significantly its potential, through its advisory, man ufacture and supply of goods, facilities and advanced services in the sector wind technology,
(II) anticipate us the needs of this market, both to ensure continuity in the profitability of the existing business and to pursue every
opportunity for expansion.

In order to develop this project, REPOWERING SOLUTIONS, consists of a team of professionals with outstanding talent, preparation and a great experience in various sectors of the market, forming a team of highly qualified for the development of this exciting project, reaching the highest level of a full satisfaction , quality, di ligence,innovation and forefront. This project will create a new objective that we manage to a great illusion and responsibility.


The services provided by REPOWERING in the wind sector are:

  • "Turnkey” wind farm
  • Electrical installation, erection of wind turbines and commissioning
  • Control systems
  • Maintenance of the electrical infrastructures of the wind farm (High voltage lines, substations, medium-voltage networks, processing centres) and wind turbines

REPOWERING started operating in the wind sector in early 2008, coinciding with the take-off of the industry in Spain. 

REPOWERING is a multivendor world wide service provider that operates in more than 20 countries, offering in all of them the same quality standards.

Outside Spain, REPOWERING has presence in the Guatemala, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina,  Germany, Poland, Ireland, Cameron. We also have a growing interest in increasing our activity in emerging countries like China and India, with their enormous potential for renewable energies.

Our experience

REPOWERING is a leader in second hand wind turbines and refurbished wind turbine.