Climate change


Combating climate change involves a variety of risks; from societal, to commercial, and technical issues. Understanding and managing risk is a prerequisite for making the right decisions. As a natural extension of the REPOWERING purpose, “To Safeguard Life, Property and the Environment”, we work in a variety of fields to help governments and organisations to address the climate change challenge.

Climate change

Taking a holistic view

Climate change is currently one of the most pressing environmental issues facing the international community, the business world, and individual citizens. Responding to the challenge requires efforts on many fronts. Based on our independent status, technology competence, risk management expertise, and industry knowledge, REPOWERING provides climate change services within three main areas: Clean energy, emission reduction, and adaptation.
Clean Energy

The urgent need for a clean, low CO2 energy future creates a unique challenge to everybody. Most clean energy solutions suffer from a lack of maturity in terms of technology, economy, infrastructure and/or common acceptance criteria.

Emission Reduction

Switching to clean energy sources will not happen overnight. Energy supply will depend heavily on oil, gas and coal for many years to come. Emission reduction activities will therefore be important to mitigate climate change.

Adaptation to climate change

Due to past emissions, certain impacts of climate change are unavoidable, calling for adaptation measures, in addition to emission reductions.

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