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Refrofit & refurbished wind turbines

From inspection to the sales of second-hand wind turbines. Besides we are specialized in the dismantling, refurbishment, installation and commissioning of your used wind turbine.

Desimplantation of Thermal Coal Plants

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Specialists in CIRCULAR ECONOMY: we accompany the transition from linear to circular models.

We have more than 100 units of 850kW Vestas V52 wind turbine with lattice tower, optionally we can supply tubular tower..

We are working to give a new life to these assets in industrial self-consumption and pumping projects, hydrogen pilot projects, hybridisation with solar plants..

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Repowering onshore and offshore wind farms

Repowering wind farm a 100% profitable solution

Repowering existing onshore and offshore wind turbine technology is a complex process that requires the ability to recovery most value for your old wind turbines. REPOWERING SOLUTIONS has the engineering and expertise to help our customers for repowering your wind farm.

Wind energy generation, among all forms of renewable energy, has contributed to the highest increment of worldwide generation platforms within the last twenty years. This can be explained by the substantial quantitative increment of wind farms worldwide and by the installation of wind turbines of greatest qualitative capacity of generation.

The development of new wind turbines, with greater generation capacity during the last decades underpins, among other factors, the repowering of windfarms in a worldwide basis.

REPOWERING aims, among other solutions, to incrementing generation capacity with the installation of new wind turbines of greater capacity, by replacing those once previously installed. The most important advantages brought by repowering solutions have led to choose this option widely implemented in OECD countries.

REPOWERING SOLUTIONS offers consulting and technical analysis services to those companies owning windfarms, both onshore and offshore, to assess potentialities of these windfarms on terms of location, determining efficiency and profitability of repowering solutions.

REPOWERING SOLUTIONS offers to those owners of windfarms the option of RECOVERING VALUE with the sale of used and ununised wind turbines. REPOWERING SOLUTIONS operates in the worldwide market, incorporating a wide range of accumulated commercial expertise in the sale of used equipment.

RETROFIT SERVICES extends the life of onshore wind turbines by a decade or more, refurbishing and upgrading existing turbines to be more efficient and reliable while also increasing a wind farm’s performance by up to 25%.



REPOWERING SOLUTIONS offers SOLUTIONS FOR RECOVERING OF VALUE for those owners of equipment of electric generation and second hand equipment (included new equipment of failing projects) deemed for decommission. We are doing this by positioning and marketing the sale of the equipment in the assets secondary market.

Direct reuse of assets

Direct sale of energy assets.

Reuse of parts of the assets

Sale of parts of the assets for new projects.

Recycling of the total or partial asset

Recycling of the whole asset or parts of it.

Environmental Recovery

Recovery of the area to its original state.

Waste reduction

We recover assets environmentally..

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Used or refurbished wind turbines for sale

Our solutions for used or refurbished wind turbines offer a complete solution including turbine supply, transport to site and installation.

Benefit from minimised capital expenditure and take advantage of reduced infrastructure requirements while achieving a lower carbon footprint compared to installing new turbines in your wind energy project.

Wind turbine for sale:



REPOWERING SOLUTIONS is one of the most distinguished international operators in the worldwide secondary market of electricity generation assets. We offer to our clients a COMPLETE SOLUTIONS PORTFOLIO FOR RECOVERING VALUE on equipment for the generation of electricity.

REPOWERING SOLUTIONS is an INDEPENDENT COMPANY operating in the worldwide secondary market of electricity generation assets and equipment with a wide range of worldwide product manufacturers. Thus, we are not either directly or indirectly linked with any particular manufacturer

Our MAIN CLIENTS are companies owning generation assets and other investment companies focusing in the development of electricity generation projects at the least cost, with greater efficiency and mitigating risks.

Our MAIN BUSINESS are thermic and renewable generation of new, stocked and used assets, being deemed for decommissioning, including any attached auxiliary equipment. Within renewable energy, our most relevant area of activity is the wind energy.


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CONFIDENCE Our company, which enjoys a great reputation. SECURITY Our industry-leading security protocols protect your assets. PRIVACY We will never share your asset information without your permission.


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We advise our clients on managing energy assets to maximize value and minimize risk.


What you get

Recovery of the value of your assets in a sustainable way, we offer all our clients A PORTFOLIO OF SOLUTIONS FOR THE RECOVERY OF THE VALUE OF YOUR ASSETS

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