You have set high ambitions for yourself. You want to excel in your area of expertise. You want to be valued for your ability to deliver results. Still, you look for an extra dimension. You want to have impact beyond business. Our purpose is to safeguard life, property and the environment. With us you can go for more.

Company profile

Repowering Solutions is a supplier of wind turbines second hand, new and refurbished.
Our goal is to maintain relationships with manufacturers, owners and developers of wind farms.


Wind energy is a people's business. On this page you can read the quotes of our business relations. Our worldwide network shows that people all over the world found their way to REPOWERING. This is what constitutes the basis of our business.


To find the nearest local office, please click on the relevant country/region in the list below. In some cases, we serve our customers in one country or region from a regional office that may reside elsewhere. In this case, contact information to this regional office will be provided. 


Repowering Solutions is a supplier of second hand wind turbines and new.


In the last years we have given wind turbines to countries of all the continents.


The market of second hand wind turbines is extremely dynamic.

There are too many request for small quantity turbines offered for sale. It´s critical for your profecj to start the deal for the turbine(s) after obtaining all the permissions for re-installation, and the most important: you are able to contract the turbine(s) immediately.

Some times the turbines are sold even for a several days.

the prices are growing too. the best offert is not al lowest or highest price.


REPOWERING will consult you for the best deal, including a written report for the real condition of the turbine(s).

Our aim is to support relations with manufacturers, owners of wind farms and developers. We possess a wide capacity of supply of wind turbines, beside realizing the transport and assembly of wind farms