EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) contracts for wind farm projects


REPOWERING a provider of consulting, engineering and technical services, has been awarded two engineering, procurement, and construction projects and one balance-of-plant construction project for wind farms in the Worldwide.

Renewable energy projects range from solar, wind, hydro, wave, tidal, geothermal and nuclear production. Wind energy is currently one of the most economically feasible forms of renewable energy in many countries.

EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) firm specializing EPC, commissioning and testing services on numerous medium and high voltage substation and transmission line projects worldwide, wind farm and wind power.

EPC Engineering Procurement and Construction

A wind farm typically comprises a series of wind turbines, a substation, cabling (to connect the wind turbines and substation to the electricity grid), wind monitoring equipment and temporary and permanent access tracks. The wind turbines used in commercial wind farms are generally large slowly rotating, 3 bladed machines that typically produce between 1MW and 3MW of output. Each wind turbine is comprised of a rotor, nacelle, tower and footings. The height of a tower varies with the size of the generator but can be as high as 100m. The number of turbines depends on the location and capacity of turbines.

The amount of power a wind generator can produce is dependant on the availability and the speed of the wind. The term "capacity factor" is used to describe the actual output of a wind energy facility as the percentage of time it would be operating at maximum power output. For every megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable energy generated, the emission of approximately 1.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide through coal fired electricity generation is displaced.

Services EPC for Windmill-Wind Turbine Plant-Wind Power Plant

  • Criteria for selection of Wind Farm Site.
  • Criteria for Wind Farm size selection.
  • Basis of Designing for a Wind Farm.
  • Life cycle equipments.
  • Method and procedures of Wind Farm installation.
  • Operation of a Wind Farm.
  • Operation cost of a Wind Farm.
  • Maintenance cost of a Wind Farm.
  • Limitation of Wind Farms.
  • Project Financing.


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