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REPOWERING provides inspection and engineering services to the wind, solar, energy and industry/infrastructure sectors.


Ensure the reliable operation of your wind turbine by using REPOWERING’s inspection services! REPOWERING is a valuable partner, whether you are a proprietor, financier or operator of wind farms. Having over 2 years of experience in the Wind Industry, we are proud to say that we are recognized internationally for the quality of our products and services.

With over 80 wind turbine inspections every year world-wide and evaluation of more than 1.000 MW capacity in wind farms, our knowledge and expertise is growing continously. We offer inspection services that will help you safeguard and evaluate the technical status of your investments. Our services encompass the entire life-time of the wind turbine, starting from before the wind farm is constructed.

 Our inspection services are executed at various periods of time during the life-time of a wind turbine. These services sometimes require video endoscope for more detailed results. We use this for an all round assessment of the gearbox. Other inspection services are:

Supplier audit

Statement of compliance of suppliers with quality system; witnessing factory testing.


Advice on acceptance at end of construction, punch-list.

Before end of warranty

Advice on maintenance strategy and existing issues.

Periodical inspections

Advice on preventive maintenance and evaluation of the service organisation.

As part of due diligence

Advice for accurate estimation of current value and future costs



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