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Consultancy services and purchase of wind farms, sale of licenses for wind farms, wind turbine sales

Windfarm and renewable energy consultancy

REPOWERING is a windfarm and renewable energy consultancy providing environmental impact assessment and planning services to the renewable energy industry.  Services include Environmental Impact Assessment; project management; ecology; ornithology; noise assessment; visualizations; planning; public exhibitions; due diligence; resource assessment; feasibility studies; windfarm site finding; and post-planning support such as environmental monitoring.

Our services include:

  • Windfarm due diligence
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (including project management, noise assessment,  visualisations, etc)
  • Windfarm site finding
  • Renewable energy resource appraisals and feasibility studies
  • Environmental monitoring

Purchase windfarm and wind turbine

For our portfolio of select investors photovoltaic and wind parks, both in Spain, as elsewhere, the following conditions:

- Parks connected, pouring energy into the network.
- Existence of financing involved.
- Due diligence available (legal, administrative and technical).
- Solely for the owner / seller.

For other renewable energy consulting.

Fees are always charged to the seller.

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