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Consultancy services and sale of wind farms, sale of licenses for wind farms, wind turbine sales

Windfarm and renewable energy consultancy

REPOWERING is a windfarm and renewable energy consultancy providing environmental impact assessment and planning services to the renewable energy industry.  Services include Environmental Impact Assessment; project management; ecology; ornithology; noise assessment; visualizations; planning; public exhibitions; due diligence; resource assessment; feasibility studies; windfarm site finding; and post-planning support such as environmental monitoring.


Consulting services for wind farms acquisitions, supporting investors in all due diligence steps
Portfolio of wind farms for sale in Europe, China, USA.
We have an extensive portfolio of wind farms for sale.

Wind farm projects investment. Owned or shared with partners. International business development (countries with strategic position)


 Technical Due diligences

  • Energy contracts: Grid connection agreements, Power purchase Agreements, forecast charging prices. Review of documentation and communication with Grid operator or supplier to corroborate them.
  • Technical Specifications, review of the Wind Farm design for technical approval, consent way eaves, easements, grid code compliances, test and verifications, planning and project managing (in case under construction). Review of documentation and corroboration on site.
  • Environmental due diligences; Planning permission Local planning Authority, Civil Aviation Authority consent, Natural Ireland consent, National parks, Areas of protection. Review of documentation and corroboration with authorities.
  • Resources assessment, Review of the wind data information. Met mast location verification and data collection and windspeed verification. Key point of the financial approval. Review of documentation.
  • Land ownership or agreement, equity agreements with stakeholders or locals, other agreements. Review of documentation.

Commercial Due diligences,

  • Contracts review.
  • WTG procurement, planning and delivery, lead times, prices
  • Long lead elements, transformers, cable, Switch Gears,
  • Contractor Agreements, civil engineering, electrical engineering, commissioning..
  • O & M agreements.

Financial Due Diligences. (Excluded from the scope of works)

  • Financial cash flow, put together PPA and forecast prices, resources assessment, expenditures and reporting IRR, NPV through life time.
  • Investment and terms of return


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