Wind/Solar hybrid system


Solar/wind Hybrid Solar and Wind Complete Systems

Wind / Solar hybrid system


When an aerogenerator and an SPV system are interfaced, the power generation from these is mutually supplemented, and the resultant hybrid system offers a reliable and cost-effective electric supply in a decentralized mode. The wind-solar hybrid system mainly consists of one or two aerogenerators along with SPV panels of suitable capacity, connected with charge controller, inverter, battery bank, etc. to supply AC power.


The major advantage of the system is that it meets the basic power requirements of non-electrified remote areas, where grid power has not yet reached. The power generated from both wind and solar components is stored in a battery bank for use whenever required.A hybrid renewable energy system utilises two or more energy production methods, usually solar and wind power.
The major advantage of solar / wind hybrid system is that when solar and wind power production are used together, the reliability of the system is enhanced. Additionally, the size of battery storage can be reduced slightly as there is less reliance on one method of power production. Often, when there is no sun, there is plenty of wind.
Wind speeds are often low in periods (summer, eventually) when the sun resources are at their best. On the other hand, the wind is often stronger in seasons (the winter, in many cases…) when there are less sun resources. Even during the same day, in many regions worldwide or in some periods of the year, there are different and opposite patterns in terms of wind and solar resources. And those different patterns can make the hybrid systems the best option in electricity production.
An hybrid wind-solar electric system demands an higher initial investment than single larger systems: large wind and solar PV systems are proportionally cheaper than smaller systems...

But the hybrid solution is the best option whenever there is a significant improvement in terms of output and performance - which happens when the sun and the wind resources have opposite cycles and intensities during the same day or in some seasons.

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