Wind diesel Hybrid System


Wind-diesel (WD) is a way to make continuous power supply from wind turbines and diesel engines. WD-systems are made to isolated off grid locations.

Wind diesel hybrid system

REPOWERING offers wind-diesel systems in the range from 100-10,000 kW measured on consumer demand.

  • The system makes it possible to control the wind turbines connected to small isolated grids in such a way that so much wind power capacity can be
    installed that yearly fuel savings of 50-90% can be obtained.
  • There is an example of a plant layout with all the main parts in a wind-diesel system. The capacity of the wind turbines can be up to twice the capacity of the diesel generators. This amount of wind power reduces the diesel consumption significant, which lower the expenses to fuel.
    The system gives power supply 100% of the time, because the diesel engines can take over all the demand, when the wind is insufficient.
    The whole plant is a robust, simple, reliable and easily maintained plant with extensive use of standard components.
    Solutions using natural gas engines, solar energy etc. are also available. 

Design the optimal total wind-diesel system, and in cooperation with the wind turbine manufacturer and local contractor we produce, install and commission the turnkey solution. Our systems can be installed nearly anywhere in the world. From the first contact is taken to commissioning of the system there are a number of stages we usually go through. During the project developing there are typically more than one of the stages involved at a time.

Stages throughout a project

  • Project introduction and verification
  • Project and end user organisation
  • Consumer demand and wind speed
  • Wind and diesel pattern
  • Calculation programme
  • Wind-diesel system
  • Budget proposals
  • Verification of local contracting
  • Site inspection with local contractor
  • Final specifications
  • Financing
  • Due diligence
  • Contract
  • Design and production
  • Test and CIF transport
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Taking over test
  • Guarantees
  • Taking over
  • Operation and maintenance
  • After sales service

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