Mini-Grid | PV-Diesel-Hydro-Wind Hybrid


Hybrid power systems combine two or more energy conversion devices, or two or more fuels for the same device, that when integrated, overcome limitations inherent in either.

Wind Diesel Hybrid system

Design the optimal total wind-diesel system, and in cooperation with the wind turbine manufacturer and local contractor we produce, install and commission the turnkey solution. Our systems can be installed nearly anywhere in the world. From the first contact is taken to commissioning of the system there are a number of stages we usually go through. During the project developing there are typically more than one of the stages involved at a time.

Wind / Solar hybrid system

When an aerogenerator and an SPV system are interfaced, the power generation from these is mutually supplemented, and the resultant hybrid system offers a reliable and cost-effective electric supply in a decentralized mode. The wind-solar hybrid system mainly consists of one or two aerogenerators along with SPV panels of suitable capacity, connected with charge controller, inverter, battery bank, etc. to supply AC power.

Water management systems.

Our wind-diesel system is designed to be extended with fresh water production by desalination of sea water and water treatment solutions for all type of applications. The distillers operate by consuming all the excess heat and surplus wind power.



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