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Small wind turbine energy supplier. Residential & urban turbines, low carbon energy, renewable power, renewable energy

Domestic Wind turbines

REPOWERING manufactures and installs wind turbines up to 250 kW.

REPOWERING is specialised in wind energy solutions for energy problems and general cost reduction purposes. We focus mostly on small projects where the use of solitary wind turbines allow for private and commercial energy production. Our turbines are suited for "behind the meter" grid connection for distributed power and for stand-alone Hybrid Wind / Diesel applications to reduce the dependency on diesel fuel.

Many of our customers are businesses and small grid operators. REPOWERING wind turbines are not used in large wind parks, but mostly in small, up to 1 MW, projects. Our customers can be assured of tailor-made solutions that will help reduce electricity bills by producing for your own consumption or selling electricity back to the grid.
Optimal energy solutions

REPOWERING utilizes its wind turbines to present optimal energy solutions for a wide range of users such as:

* farm/agricultural businesses;
* utility companies;
* resorts & hotels;
* schools;
* factories;
* off-grid locations.

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