Wind turbine

REPOWERING is a service company that is specialized in purchasing new wind turbines. Our core business is to help wind energy projects with their purchasing process, since it is very difficult to get hold of the right wind turbines in today's market. We create the optimal match between wind farm planning needs, local wind conditions and available wind turbines. We are located close to the largest manufacturer base, we create a better negotiation position and smart solutions, resulting in a better ROI.

Refurbished wind turbine

Our initial market focus is on redeploying wind turbines in community wind projects throughout the Europe. Given the nascent nature of the refurbished wind markets we often develop our own projects, but prefer to work with other developers seeking a reliable solution to their community wind and/or net-meter project needs.

Used wind turbine

REPOWERING is a supplier of second hand wind turbines

Domestic wind turbine

Small wind turbine energy supplier. Residential & urban turbines, low carbon energy, renewable power, renewable energy

Hybrid system

Hybrid power systems combine two or more
energy conversion devices, or two or more fuels
for the same device, that when integrated,
overcome limitations inherent in either.

Wind/diesel hybrid system

Hybrid System
Value Propositions:
         High Efficiency
         High Reliability
         Low Emissions
         Acceptable Cost

Wind/Solar hybrid system

Hybrids offer market entry strategies for technologies that cannot currently compete with the lowest-cost traditional

Water Management

Water management is the practices of planning, developing, distribution and optimum utilizing of water resources.