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REPOWERING is a service company that is specialized in purchasing new wind turbines. Our core business is to help wind energy projects with their purchasing process, since it is very difficult to get hold of the right wind turbines in today's market. We create the optimal match between wind farm planning needs, local wind conditions and available wind turbines. We are located close to the largest manufacturer base, we create a better negotiation position and smart solutions, resulting in a better ROI.

Are you in need of new wind turbines?

We can sell you directly the best fitting wind turbines for your projects.

In today’s market, many small and medium size wind energy projects are not being served by the manufacturers of wind turbines. REPOWERING serves wind energy pojects by creating the optimal match between project needs and available new wind turbines. REPOWERING can sell you directly the wind turbines that fit your local situatioon best.

We fully focus on one core process: acquiring the best matching new wind turbines for your projects (purchasing, contracting, delivery, maintenance). We spend 50% of our time on visiting and discussing with manufacturers.

We deliver world wide, and are independent from manufacturers.

REPOWERING can create a better negotiation position, resulting in a better ROI of your project. Or simply: better deals.

We know the wind turbines market conditions and what is available, we establish the optimal match between client needs and supplier products. It is by our continuous and long term focus on the purchasing process of new wind turbines, that we can excel.

REPOWERING has the ability to create a better negotiation position, resulting in improved ROI for your wind energy project. We group smaller projects to significant orders, to enable critical mass for manufacturers of wind turbines.

Therefore we are an interesting party for many wind turbine manufacturers. We are located close to the largest manufacturer base and we create smart logistical solutions.

We save resources and gain time for your project development.

We save money by doing the right steps in the right order, when it comes to procurement.

When you subcontract your wind turbine sourcing to REPOWERING, the scope of delivery consists of:

  • Advise on fit and availability of wind turbines.
  • Clear purchase contracts, delivery- and payment conditions.
  • Full documentation.
  • Site checks, wind farm planning & optimization.
  • Support for/check on financing the wind turbine.
  • Agreements on installation, commissioning and warranty.
  • Advise on smart logistics of the wind turbine.
  • Agreements for service & maintenance.
  • Advise during all wind farm planning stages where applicable, by means of an extensive network of specialist companies with proven track record (from financing to micro siting, electrical and foundation engineering, technical inspections & supervision, etc).

Other services include:

  • In case you want to sell your project or operational wind farm, we will find suitable buyers for your wind energy project and execute the sale.
  • Looking for a production license? Please contact us to match your requirements with an existing manufacturer.
  • Project management for the wind energy industry, especially for the acquisition of new wind turbines.
  • Temporary personnel for the wind energy industry.



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