Repowering wind farm


The “repowering” of wind turbines has created a new market. The services of repowering solutions include repowering dismantlement, demolition and sales activities. Besides sales assistance, epowering solutions also helps customers by procuring lifelong reliably operating wind turbines.


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  • Dismantling/Decommissioning of wind farms

  • Within REPOWERING we have a team that specializes in the dismantling of wind farms. We have years of experience and know how to optimize the use of old turbines.

  • Turnkey, cranes, transportation.

  • Sale of turbines used or recycled


REPOWERING SOLUTIONS has years of experience in organizing and supervising international projects. Our activities are, among others:

  • Making calculations for the exploitation

  • Consultation for the selection of turbines

  • Placing wind anemometer towers

  • Making calculations for the foundations

  • Providing the customer with all required documentation

  • Preparing and organizing transport

  • Installing and servicing wind turbines

  • Providing warranties, maintenance contracts

Repowering of wind farms, in view of the intensive degree of advance of the technology of the wind turbines, nowadays is possible to obtain of the same emplacement an energetic very top production with the new machines (2 or 3 MW) much more efficient, silent and with speeds of take-off (winds of 2.5-3 m/s) very lower than that of the former wind turbines (0.1-0.65 MW and speeds of take-off of 5 m/s).

In addition, the heights of buje of the new machines allow a better utilization of the wind big heights. Thus, after a "Repowering" or reinvolution of wind farm, the production of the park can improve notably simultaneously that diminishes the number of wind turbines installed.

With the "Repowering" of wind farm, it is possible to generate considerably more electrical current with fewer facilities.


Why Repower?
Repowering, or the replacement of first-generation wind turbines with modern multi-megawatt wind turbines, has only played a secondary role in the European wind energy market. Yet many factors speak in favor of a comprehensive repowering program for Germany:

  • More wind power from the same area of land: Wind power generation is multiplied without the need for additional land.

  • Fewer wind turbines: The number of turbines is greatly reduced while the natural landscape is enhanced.

  • Higher efficiency, lower costs: Modern turbines make better use of available wind energy. The cost of production is significantly lowered.

  • Better Appearance: Modern turbines rotate at a much lower speed and are thus more visually pleasing than older, faster-rotating turbines.• Better power grid integration: Modern turbines offer much better grid integration since they use a connection method similar to conventional power plants  and also achieve a higher utilization degree.

  • Greater nature conservation: Isolated management errors from the past can be remedied.

  • Stable domestic market: A sufficiently large and stable domestic market, which also serves as an international showcase for the European wind industry, can be secured despite the ever decreasing amount of land suitable for new wind turbine installation.